CURRENT EXHIBIT - Hell YES! A photographic Journey. Street Portraits by Denise Keim

December 1, 2017 - January 28, 2018 - Gallery open on Tuesdays from 12-6 PM or by appointment.

PAST EXHIBITION: REMIX OF LOCAL IMAGE MAKERS. Artists include Ben Trivett , NYC (Photographer, People Magazine Editor and Edinboro Alumni),Gary Cardot (Photographer, Mercyhurst University), Larry Gawel, (Photographer, Professor), Lincoln, Nebraska (Edinboro and Penn State Alumni), Ashley Stone (Local Photographer and recent Edinboro Graduate), Karen Dodson (Local Visual Artist), Greg Mizak, (Photographer, Musician, Local Edinboro Student).


Karen Dodson

Reflection is my current fascination. Mirrors change data and warp time. The resulting bounce is infinite and unpredictable. The patterns generated in these images are at once deeply familiar and confounding. The mirror calls what I am viewing into question, changing it in ways I could never anticipate.  My mind is urged by the partially distorted reflection of that which is deeply recognizable as real to suspend disbelief.

Screenshot-2017-10-7 (se)escapes

In one way or another I’ve been photographing water for the better part of twenty years. For the time being, I’ve settled on photographing large bodies of water that are completely out of focus. For me the lack of focus tends to make the water appear more as it does in a memory rather than a document and allows the scene to be rendered free of the distractions of human intervention.

Ben Trivett is a New York City-based portrait photographer, covering everything from live events to studio work, burlesque performers to award-winning actors (and in between). Follow us on Twitter @BenTrivett!

A recent graduate of Edinboro University with a concentration in Photography and minors in Graphic & Interactive Design and Art History (yes, there were some sleepless nights), I am a sweet yet spunky gal with a devout passion for dogs and tacos. I'm passionate in all creative fields, but I get the most out of editorial and conceptualized design and photography. So yeah, you could say I'm a pretty cool person!


Greg Mizak

After receiving my BFA in Graphic and Interactive Design, I returned to Edinboro University and am currently completing my final semester in studies of both photography and art history. Through my work, I investigate the social relationships and interactions of common groups and identities. With a goal to arrive at an intuitively deep human understanding of my subjects, I work through the personalized relationship I come to share with them while in their environments–both in participation and observation–while highlighting aspects of their lives that may often be taken for granted."


The Fulbright Years.

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